Lost the Plot or Idioms & Allusions for an Unsound Mind, Mad as a March Hare

by Meet the Sun

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  • This is a handmade zine of all the lyrics from the Lost the Plot record. The original copy was made using a Royal typewriter from the early 1800s, on specially made parchment paper simulating a traditional vellum make. The 7 page book is also hand-sewn together.
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I. Delirium
II. Ceremony
III. Redemption
IV. Locura
V. Salvation
VI. Winter Spring
VII. Meadow Dreams
VIII. Kingdom in my Mind
IX. Serenity
X. Carnival

Recorded in Phoenix, AZ.

Made a handmade lyric-book zine for the record.
Physical copies will be available at Wasted Ink Zine Distro (at the Hive), and at shows: cargocollective.com/meetthesun/Handmade-Zine


released November 18, 2016

Special thanks to Scott Mitting for recording and mixing, Andy Warpigs for playing percussion, and Delaney Moos for Banjo lickin. All music and lyrics written by Kayla Clancy.



all rights reserved


Meet the Sun Phoenix, Arizona

In a trance the ceremony hardly remembered

∆ Watch here ∆: vimeo.com/219348454

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Track Name: I. Delirium
Delirium did steal him away
In the darkness there to play
Delirium is what they say he knows
It’s where all the pain goes
No longer to the strings
He gave up those pretty things
For the shine of the bottle

I saw a fire in the air
In the darkness In the darkness I don’t care
Illuminate their edge
But they can't reach us here

A single hand floating in the space
Lighting the hand which lights the man
Funny flame don't stay lit

When you strum your darkest chord
Who will return the light?
Many generations hanging
on the same black cloud of night
Never to take flight, but through song

I saw a fire in the air
In the darkness In the darkness I don’t care
Lord, I've seen many a sunset, a son fall
Less did I watch rise
Left me hypnotized
And now I know only lies

Oh great disguise
Oh great disguise

Hypnotize me not for I am here
Hypnotize me not for I know fear
Hypnotize me not for I know pain
Hypnotize me not I’m already insane
Track Name: II. Ceremony
In the silence you said, hey.
So the challenge becomes the way.
Feeling the demons, but also the spirits
Can we converse with the ether ?
Seances must be held
Could you feel pain if there was no time?
Would you exist?

Black mass moments
That’s all i know you as
To see you in the sunshine
Would be an apparition of a dream.
Yet even in the darkness
I will always see the light of your eyes
Deny the vision all you want to
All shadows are cast by light.

Close to ends. Wondering how to tie them.
hello old friend
Do you see the cloak that you now wear?
Alas cast away the disguises
At some point we surely divide
Rest in Peace
Here lies the true form beneath

Say, farewell old friend.
Some other lifetime you seed
Only sharp thoughts make the dahlia bleed
Falling into the hazy dream
Remembering hues in waves
We eclipsed
in the aura of cosmic suns

Lost in a prism of a place
Repeating backwards into space
So close yet so far out. The illusions of the mind.

The cyclical inspiration
Forever on the ride
Don’t worry you won’t get out alive

Black mass moments
That’s all i know you as
To see you in the sunshine
Would be an apparition of a dream.
Yet even in the darkness
I will always see the light of your eyes
Deny the vision all you want to
All shadows are cast by light.

In a trance the ceremony hardly remembered
the clocked subconscious traces the perimeter of the mind
waiting for the right moment to spill..spill..spill
Track Name: III. Redemption
When I walked the galleries I held you in my hands
A pencil & a paper so I could try and understand
I made a list of all the things to do, and on the back I wrote a poem.
Just threw it away, these thoughts fill my mind every day.
Dug through the trash with my bare hands, and pulled out a crumpled yellow page
And on the back would you believe the words I read?

“How goes the outside world?
Now I this is all I know.
When joys become chains,
that’ll make you go insane.”

Dancing in the aftermath of faded feats and loons
All the ones occupied and checked out too soon
Insatiable the taste for a fresh way to erase.
If there could be a bill to reinstill daily thrill
would it go and wipe away all the thoughts?
If fresh palettes are redemption, I’ve got nothing left to paint,
but I sure smear my soul all over the fretboards
until returns the silence

Yet when there be a sound
it is the gentle hymn filling every bone
The warmest moments of existence,
and when they’re gone
I am cold.

How goes the outside world?
Now I this is all I know.
When joys become chains,
that’ll make you go insane.

Stop numbing the pain.
You’ve been here before.
Now bound by shackles the seed,
but i will not watch the souls defeat.
Track Name: IV. Locura
Are you following the story?
It burns to clear the air
spring monsoons slow the time
and there’s nowhere left to go

the sticks that burn to make your spirit
must be chosen wisely
or get lost
in the mist of flesh and gold that keep us here

Like a barrel of pearls made of sand,
every way the cold waves
did crack at our feet.

I called to you
You ran to me
In some sort of dream

Hop aboard
Purgatory Junction
Next stop - Mad Assumptions

Es la hora de la locura {It's the hour of madness}
Every time i try to find a way to get by

Our meetings are a meditation
To resolve the connection with the eternal

Take a revolution around the hips.
Saturn rings
Thick like jupiter’s thighs.
Plundered to wet perfection

The daily torment
Is building up Inside the walls
We’re building new fortresses!
Impenetrable beyond all virtue

Parked in the fields
in my mind
in fields of flowers on the rails
I’m here. Me too.

Es la hora de la locura
Every time i try to find a way to get by

The magician levitates
her skull form the crown.
It must have been this moment
between waking and dreaming
when you slipped away

Flash of love
Let’s feel one more time.

I can no longer contain this dream I have
Track Name: V. Salvation
I loved you inside a storm
It was the eye which kept me warm
At the center, no confusion
Destructive winds
At the mountain of salvation we danced
Crowned the crimson land
Our blood soaked the sand
Our energy moved lands

I heard a rumor once
They say the snake loves the sea
His golden body binds me
And never sets me free
Holding forever
In land of dark meditation
Feel me in all silent perspiration

My simple rose dahlia
My simple rose dahlia
You cry blood in my hand
I wonder how to fix you
I wonder how to heal you
Instead petals fall to the sand
Oh dahlia I loved you once
Then you returned in spring
Water fell from my eyes because
You are a song I liked to sing
The gentle wind, your gentle breathing
as Meadow Dreams return
drift to slumber in the field
between my shoulder blades

Flower now flame
drips red wax to a promise
Sealed in the thighs of a lover?

What about your other mission?
The one you had so long ago
It held you like a child
And said, never let me go
What holds you now?

Within the walls of the kingdom
Lie-makers of hazy scenes
Harrow the addiction
Solace milks cream
Disappearing now into the dream
Distressing all desires
The cure and cause of all pain which acquires

White lies, forget your mind
Only you make you sigh
Extreme manic ultra panic
All the demons rise
Stellar rarity, you freak rogue
Have you got a story to be told
True position , recall the mission
End the battle of me myself and why
Aimless wonder, recall the plunder
No more white lies, justified
Keep the spirits high
Can't help but feel it all
so when you don't you get the

Green oasis flash of light
After greatest darkness, comes the horizon
Track Name: VI. Winter Spring
Picked you in a winter spring
Heard you laugh even sing
When the sun shown through a thick, mad sky
You fell forever
The darkest curtsy of things unsaid
News report and the coroner read
Darling I’m slipping away

And I’m not so sneaky
As the time when you first kissed me
But i still remember you there

And we’re already singing
Might as well carry on
I've been wondering how you’ve been doing
I've been wondering how you've been feeling
Because you don't come around more

The space between pictures
Like cherries on a tree
Painted blue
Where the branches used to be

I've been wondering how you've been doing
I've been wondering how you've been feeling
Because you don't come around more
Track Name: VII. Meadow Dreams
When I went out walking
I saw upon the ground a friend
Faith or will
I do find in my hand
but where to fly?
Your treasures you do spread across the land
Your treasures you once spread across my hands

But I don't see. How could I see.
That every little piece of you is me
When I go away, all that’s left of you
are flowers in the sky
You run upon the hill
But why, but why?
What will the spring bring?
The cactus blooms, but your thorns are still kept
All I ever wanted was to explore the depths.
You wanna go? Just let me know Noel.

Has it come to this
We enter the hall
You tumble and fall
Strange kingdom of pleasure and color
The earth is dry, but she is wet
Meadow dreams come inside
and when you're done run and hide
Does it taste as sweet
as the place where where green hills meet...milky thighs
Many lifetimes many muses
spent running from the muse within
Oh, what a sin.
Patterns change and then you die
Patterns change you realize
Ephemeral wonder
The kingdom rise
what once disguised
gentle beams of light upon your bones
and what could not grow into the silent dream.
What you feel horizon reveals
The truth that you ignored must now breathe
Confusion fills pleasure
Lovers last a moment
I am tortured not to forget
And what is the whisper,
but the silent songbird’s cry
Come and asking me to give up all my pride
So that he can love
So that we can love
As if the moment will never die
But why, but why?
What will the spring bring?
Track Name: VIII. Kingdom in My Mind
You make me high
You reach for my thigh
Your hand in mind

Remembering hues in waves
Remembering you in ways

Now I only spill
Now I only spill
Water on our graves

Oh, how I trembled
Oh, how I held my head
At what potential
hides a man, in a mask
of the night

I walked on for several days then
Wondering when I would sleep

If I could keep a kingdom in my mind
If I could stop from thinking about you all the time
If I could keep a kingdom
in my mind
Track Name: IX. Serenity
Liquid sunshine of endless promises
Of all the lost souls joining in endless harmonies
Fueling all your dreams and all your feels
Resulting in pure ecstasy
And nothing else I promise?
And nothing else, I promise.

Got them liquid blues
Got down on ocean pews
Asking, where is Serenity?
The blue-grey wake brought in sapphire gin.
The bottle now drained, stands a ship,
Which I have built with glassy tombs of little sips
Shall you change your request? No.
Message read, “Please send another”.
Nevermind, nevermind.
Where is she? Serenity.

Could I quiet my mind please?
Just this one time?

In the dream we were flying
In the dream we were dying
In a circle of four we all held hands
And waited to feel nothing

Do you know what happened?
My eyes fluttered open
And I lay at the bottom
In my bed

I lay there in the silence,
But I don't want to drown
With the demons in my head

Nothing and everything makes sense
I followed a spiral down to the center
A symbol of torrent
all on the way
The realms were opening
All on the wake

The veil was thinned than ever
If only i could get it together
That would be…
Track Name: X. Carnival
You’re feeling more focused now
Your body feels lighter.
Your troubles are drifting away now,
Lifting into the breeze
Each one of them turns into a granule of sand
Different colors fill the air
When you were a child
Your father took you to the carnival
You sat at a table with a glass bottle
And filled it full of sand
You were told to take it slowly
Your mind is starting to wander,
But you're coming back
You decide to start with the red sand
The first layer lays inside the bottle
It’s time to choose a different color.
Red, blue, green, yellow, pink
There is white, even black
What do you think ?
So you reach for now the blue
And add another layer
The layers aren’t so even
But they form a perfect gradient
In a way it reminds you of a mountain that you have yet to climb,
but see in your mind
Every single layer
Every little stripe of sand
represents time
How many eons have you witnessed?
The silent land has witnessed them all
Only one more layer to go now and it’s time to cap the bottle
You hold it in your hand and return to the carnival
All of a sudden it seems you like you’re in some sort of
Black and white dream
the only color that remains is your bottle of sand
Imagine the scene unfolding, all these white little lights
You hop on your favorite ride
You decide
Now you're on the top of the ferris wheel
You open the cap of the bottle
You turn it ever so softly
There is no more gravity now
Each little granule of sand
Is now floating through the air
You are your father's smile
Watch it all go by
You can even see the moon from here
as it reflects on the black sea
all the colors of sand are floating before you
Finally you are free
Dissociating into matter
each granule of sand is one of your troubles
But some of them are also your joys
You are dissociating into matter
Now you take one deep breath (inhale)
And as you exhale
the only things that remain
(whisper) Are the things that make you smile.
Now you have a little more room in the bottle
A little more space.
As you hop off the ferris wheel
the carnival is colored again
The black and white dream has turned back into reality
You hold the bottle of sand in your hand.
You keep walking now, and one day you grow up
you go and find that mountain
Made of all the rainbow sand
over eons of time
Each layer filled the mountain in a gradient
All the layers of all the earth's troubles
Of all your troubles
Have landed here
And now you've climbed here
Running out of breath
You stare at the mountain from a nearby hill
You breath deeply because you've seen the place where all your troubles have landed is still
All your troubles are still
With every inhale and exhale
You are reforming
You are the calm breeze
Blowing away like sand mandalas in the wind
Forever On the ride